Aug 16, 2012

More Sturgis 2012 Fun Photos

This guy (from Main St Photo) took our picture while we were leaving the Full throttle, we also got a card and a web site to go to. It was a great picture of the 2 of us. I did order a few prints.

Between Sturgis and Spearfish.

HAHA...  this is after I took the pasties off and you can see the dangerous nipple if you look close.


She was moving too fast to get a good shot of her but you can see us in the mirror.

The part of rallies that you have to have but never talk about. But if they were not there it would really suck. 

Ive ordered a lot of stuff from this place on line.  She is great to deal with.

Another necessary part of rallies.  It would be nice if everyone could just get along. 

I love these boots

I love this guy too

Much more coming.. I haven't even gone through the travel pictures yet. 


willard tefft said...
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willard tefft said...

Well it looks like the two of you had a great time for sure, a needed rest is so good isn't it. You look great in the body paint and even in the other photos too. Look for you but you know how it was there, busy. We went to town three times during the daytime. The ride up through Chief Joseph & Beartooth was great. We did the whole ride from Red Lodge to Cooke City where we spent the night, then off to West Glacier for a two day rest before continuing on our way. The only bad thing that happen was in Red Lodge after we left Glacier Park, the next morning the bike won't start, starter, $$$$$ for a new one at the dealer, SUCKED BIG TIME.

No one Special said...

Bummer about your starter, but other than that it sounds like a great trip. Im glad you liked our big sky country. It is beautiful here.
Sorry I missed you in Sturgis, we were day timers there, not much of the night scene for us. It ws great fun though.
I may or may not be on the Full Throttle show.. me and another girl in body paint. they had us fill out some paperwork after filming us so we will see.
It's was all fun though. Im glad I went for it and did the body paint. fun fun fun

willard tefft said...

It was a great trip for sure, lots of miles and great weahter too. It sounds like we were only day timer at Sturgis, then spend the night at out campground in the Black Hills. If you do mae it in the file, let me know so i can check it out or post it. But who knows maybe we'll meet there sometime for sure.