Jun 10, 2014

New bikes for 2014

the new Ninja

I have been forbidden to wear this shirt at work ever again because it is just too fabulous

new bike new coat. :)

D with his sales person from Yellowstone Harley Davidson Belgrade Mt. 

got some lights added on

getting my Ninja on

Dec 25, 2013

Full Throttle 2013

I made it onto the Full Throttle program again this year.  :)
for about ,, but not quite 2 seconds.

Full Throttle

Full throttle

Aug 12, 2013

Sturgis.. 2 cool photo's years apart

Neither one of these photos are Photoshop'd.
The first was taken in 2007 on our way to Sturgis from Rapid City.
If you look closely in the clouds it looks like an angle or a dove.
the 2nd photo taken this year while we were coming down from Devils tower It was just there for a second. You can see a cross on top,then it's gone as the clouds shifted.
Think what you will... but I think that both of these images are cool.

Angel over Sturgis.... 2007
copyright protected photo please do not copy
Devils Tower with cross 2013....
copyright protected photo please do not copy

Cropped picture..
copyright protected photo please do not copy

Aug 11, 2013

Heading back from Sturgis 2013 Thursday 8th

The long lonely stretch of Highway between Belle Fouche SD and Broadus Mt, 

almost to Montana

Alzada Bar...

Taking a break before Broadus Mt.

In my Florescent green shirt

OH WOW... road construction..  what a surprise!  

I can see Billings!

Up Main ST to home

And home..  our journey complete.
looking forward to the next bike ride.!