Sep 6, 2014

Because I was told to.....

When you have a relationship that is long distance sometimes you just have to do the whole naked phone thing.  And even though what is on the internet is on there forever I don't have a problem with these photos.  Look or don't look.... it's all in fun..  I miss my sweetie when he is away and he asked me to do this, so I am..
For "D"

Aug 28, 2014

Day 4... Rainy ride home

It was raining pretty hard when we left Big Sky.. We decided to park the bike in the parking garage due to the mischief with the saddle bags.  Good thing too... it would have been a bummer to pack up in a down pour.

We stopped in Livingston for a short break. I was feeling more than a little claustrophobic in all the gear so while D was fueling up I was stripping off all my gear.  I needed to breathe for a few before putting it all back on to continue home.  We had rain behind us and in front of us the whole way home.
After getting the bike into the garage it just poured down rain.
we were lucky on the timing for sure.

It was a lovely trip and I saw scenery that I hadn't seen before.
I would have like to ride the ski lift up the mountains but the time just wasn't there.  Plus the rain.
maybe next time.

after all.. 
Life is more than just rushing from point A to point B.
If you don't take the time to enjoy everything in between...
it's like it never happened.

Aug 21, 2014

Day 3 Grand Targhee Lodge to Big Sky Resort

It was a bit colder when we took off.. then it started to sprinkle.

We stopped at the official lookout and changed into 
our helmets.  I was freezing so I was all for that.

The other side of the Tetons.. The clouds were too low to really see them.
But we went through some awesome Idaho Farm Country.

And then there was more rain.

It cleared for a bit before we got to Big Sky..  That didn't last long though. :(

Big Sky Montana. 

The one place that we stopped that someone tried to steal what we didn't have in our saddle bags.  
We check in and when "D" went down for a smoke someone had messed with the locks on 
the saddle bags.  Not that we had anything in them.. but seriously.. The nicest place and we leave the 
bike for an hour and BAM....  mischief 

Big Sky ski lift was running as well.. You could take a tour all the way to the top.. 
But we didn't have time to do that and with the rain it wouldn't have been great.  :(

but there was a great Jacuzzi.!!

"D" made me add it... he made me do it.

and naps